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[aprssig] Dmapper 2.13 Available on Web or CD

DaveN dbsoft at bendbroadband.com
Mon Feb 14 03:43:50 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I just released a new version of Dmapper (Ver 2.13) with some new user
requested features added.

The software is available on the web at www.dmapper.com and is now available
on a CD for those that don't want to download it.

NEW TO VERSION 2.13:   (Tactical Names, Movement detection, APRS-IS server
login, and other changes.)
<<Tactical Names>> can now be posted to the map as well as tracking based on
<<movement detection>> of field units.

The setup and configuration of the program has been made easier and allows
users to more quickly select which type of display format you want to see on
the map.  I.E.  Tracks, tracks with connecting lines, tracks with Callsigns,
tracks with Tactical names, etc....

The APRS-IS server connection now allows a user LOGIN name and provides the
server with the Dmapper version being used.

I am spending most of my effort improving the interface for posting to
MapTech's "Terrain Navigator" and National Geographic's "TOPO!" products
such as "Back Roads Explorer" and Topo! "State Series".  These seem to be
the most useful in SAR.

There has also been questions by users of the need for other APRS features,
such as messaging, to be included with Dmapper.  At this time I do not plan
on duplicating other features contained in the other popular APRS programs
(such as UI-View & WinAPRS) for a simple reason.... DMAPPER CAN SHARE THE
CONNECTION WITH OTHER APRS PROGRAMS while operating on the same computer.

If you like your current APRS program's features but just want to post to
MapTech or TOPO! maps, just run Dmapper with a data feed connection from
your APRS program and it will also post to your mapping program.    If you
don't know how to connect Dmapper to the data feed from these other programs
just look in your documentation or ask your APRS guru. It is a common
APRS-IS telnet type connection available on most of the popular programs.
I have successfully run "UI-View" feeding "Dmapper" posting to "TOPO!" all
on the same computer.

Thanks for those that continue to support the needs of Search and Rescue
operations, with several hundred missions under my belt, I can really see
the potential for automatic tracking of field personnel and know we have an
uphill battle to get it introduced as a regular tool in SAR.

I'm very interested in your experiences with trackers and how Dmapper and
other APRS applications are being used in the field. Feel free to drop me an
email anytime.

Thanks for your time.
Dave Neys  W7PDQ

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