[aprssig] APRS routing strategies

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Mon Feb 14 15:37:52 CST 2005

William McKeehan schreef:
> This would let the user define how far out his beacon should propogate - yeah,
> it would require some more smarts on the part of the digi's and it may not be
> something that can easily be accomplished.

A configuration like this has been running in the Seattle area for over 
three years now! So it *very* feasible and even has proven itself in 
real-life operation. Ask Bill Vodall, WA7NWP. I think he uses LOCAL, 
REGION, WORLD, DIRECT, IGATE and maybe by now he also added his proposal 
on januari 5th: "ALOHA".

One could add MOBILE to support any mobile tracker so the mobile station 
never has to change its path again!

It has been attemted to discus this on this SIG a number of times, I don't 
know who raised this proposal the first, could be Bill, Gerry or even me. 
I know Bill at least brought this up a number of times but somehow this 
option is ignored *every time*.

I believe the reason to keep ignoring this excellent solution is that 
people just love their Kantronics box so much that suggesting any solution 
that the firmware of this box can't handle is godspe. So if your solution 
does not run on a native KPC-whatever then just keep quiet since you will 
be ignored anyway.

Kind regards,


P.S. Over the last few weeks I've been tempted to write the same 
suggestion as you did and eventhough I even wrote some messages I was able 
to come to my senses before hitting the Send button. This time I failed...

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