[aprssig] D700 Channels Only

John Denison kd5you at houston.rr.com
Mon Feb 14 20:47:55 CST 2005

It is on page 40 of the D700 manual. I don't have the radio but I did 
get this from the pdf manual.

Channel Display
When in this mode, the transceiver displays only memory channel numbers 
(and memory names if stored) instead of frequencies.

1 - Press MNU to enter Menu mode.
2 - Press [up arrow]/[down arrow] to select "RADIO (1-)", then press [OK]
3 - Press [up arrow]/[down arrow] to select "MEMORY (1-4-)", then press [OK]
4 - Press [up arrow]/[down arrow] to select "CHANNEL DISPLAY (1-4-2)", 
then press [OK]
5 - Press [up arrow]/[down arrow] to switch the function ON (or OFF)
6 - Press [OK] to complete the setting.
7 - Press MNU to exit Menu mode.

Note: You cannot switch this function ON unless you can recall any 
channel on both bands A and B.
When in Channel Display mode, you cannot use the following functions:

Sub-band Select, VFO Select, VFO Scan, Memory Store, PM Store, PM 
Recall, Memory-to-VFO Transfer, Partial/ Full/ PM Reset, Frequency Step 
Size Change, 1/ 10 MHz Step Change, All-control Lock



Ron wrote:

> I searched my D700 manual and can't find how to show the channel 
> labels without the freq.  I do it on my D7 all the time but can't seem 
> to get the D700 to work.  Any one got an idea?  Tnx.
> WA2WWK  Ron
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