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[aprssig] KPC-9612 latest firmware?

Doug Ferrell kd4moj at kd4moj.org
Tue Feb 15 09:00:39 UTC 2005

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 kb4ytm at charter.net wrote:

> Does it support the new N-n paradigm that has been discussed here? The 9600 baud port is doing nothing on your digi then?
> Thanks
> Richard

   Using a Yaesu Ft-2600 you can run both 1200 & 9600 baud at the same
time. You can go in @ 1200 and out @ 9600 and vice versa. Only radio that
I know of that will do that trick since it's not a menu setup.... just a
wiring of the cable.


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