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[aprssig] IGate wildcards/Telpac data

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Tue Feb 15 13:53:58 UTC 2005

Steve Dimse wrote:

>Currently, findU is blocking this plan because of a long-standing (meaning I
>didn't add this to block the plan, it was added years ago to prevent the -NET,
>-HOME, -IP SSIDs that were becoming problematic) requirement that callsigns be
>AX-25 compliant. If the community does not object to the WL- plan, I can and
>will remove the restriction.
Long term stability far outweighs casual convenience of operation.  I'd 
vote for them being normal stations with local IGATE operator 
requirements for gating, just like everything else.  That consistency 
will also help people understand the system, and after they learn, be 
better able to know how to use it for other types of stations with 
similar needs...

Gregg Wonderly

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