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[aprssig] APRS routing strategies

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 15 14:20:13 UTC 2005

>>> jdw at eng.uah.edu 2/14/05 5:09:25 PM >>>
>Why would you invite someone to use a path of WORLD?

Actually its not needed at all.  
Already all  APRS packets go worldwide via the APRS
Internet system...  and the user does not have to do
anything to do it, but make sure there is an IGate in 
his area.

Igates are nothing but someone's PC at home.  Needs
no big antenna, needs no commercial mountain top site,
can be implemented by anyone with the internet in

There is generally no such  thing as "routing" in APRS.  
APRS packets should cover the local LAN (defined by the 
RF network that can handle a full channel) called the ALOHA 
circle. Everything out of that circle goes globally 
via the APRS-IS..

de WB4APR, Bob

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