[aprssig] IGate wildcards/Telpac data

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Feb 15 08:29:17 CST 2005

On 2/15/05 at 8:06 AM James Jefferson Jarvis <jj at aprsworld.net> sent:

>Are you talking about allowing callsign-ssid to be an arbitrary length? 
>If so, then I object based on the fact that aprsworld and anything that uses 
>it is expecting callsign-ssid to be at most 9 characters. IIRC the APRS 
>internet stream was supposed to look like AEA or TNC2 packets. Both of those 
>would only present at most 9 characters for callsign-SSID, so that's what I 
>went with 5 years ago.
This specific issue could be addressed by not using any other SSID, so even 6
letter calls fit in 9 chars (findU uses 10 chars). E.G. WL-WZ9ZZZ, and using the
true SSID only in the object.

Still, the precedent will be set, and there is no reason to limit callsigns to 9
characters, so I'm sure someone will want to use more in the future...

Steve K4HG

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