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[aprssig] KPC-9612 latest firmware?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 15 14:37:23 UTC 2005

Kantronics digieaters should *not* be using the
Beacon text for the position reports.  That is very 
innefficient.  It is one of the biggest QRM problems
we have.  BTexts should only be for *local* info and
should only go direct to its users.. UNPROTO should
have nothing but the TOCALL address)..

KPC-3's and 9612s should be using the smart algorithm
using all 4 BLT's, LTP's and LTexts.  That reduces QRM
by a ***huge*** factor.  Please see how to set up a
Kantronics TNC on the New n-N Paradigm web page:



>>> kb4ytm at charter.net 2/14/05 7:35:37 PM >>>
Findu.com shows this:
W0PC-15>BEACON,WIDE,qAO,N0PTN-1:!3848.59NN09043.85W#PHG7360/ Western St Charles County

Wouldnt the beacon,wide be something like apnxxx,wide2,qa0,n0ptn-1 if using the new n-n?  I wanted to make sure I was looking at the right thing.. I need to update this 9612 so I can set it up for future use.


> From: W0pc at aol.com 
> Date: 2005/02/15 Tue AM 12:29:44 GMT
> To: aprssig at lists.tapr.org 
> Subject: Re: [aprssig] KPC-9612 latest firmware?
> Yes Richard it does support the new Paradigm. We are using it now.
> 73 de WØPC (Rick)
> In a message dated 2/14/2005 5:07:48 PM Central Standard Time, 
> kb4ytm at charter.net writes:
> Does it support the new N-n paradigm that has been discussed here? The 9600 
> baud port is doing nothing on your digi then?
> Thanks
> Richard

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