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Tue Feb 15 08:47:28 CST 2005

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> From: Steve Dimse
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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] IGate wildcards/Telpac data
> Still, the precedent will be set, and there is no reason to 
> limit callsigns to 9 characters, so I'm sure someone will 
> want to use more in the future...

The APRS-IS servers, clients, etc. all limit to 9 characters as I posted
before.  If someone wants to use more in the future, they won't get by
the first server they hit.

As for the precedent, it is already set.  non-AX.25 compliant callsigns
have been in use for years on APRS-IS and findu.com not processing them
is just your statement of disdain for them.  Nothing more.  And it has
nothing to do with the WinLink discussion.

Yes, you created the APRS-IS 8 years ago with Dale (per your documents).
However, if it were not for javAPRSFilter, we would not be having this
discussion (thank you Roger Bille for javAPRSFilter).  You removed
yourself from any operational oversight over 3 years ago and to make the
claim that "Had I not been restrictive in the way I designed and
administered the system, I guarantee that we would not be having this
discussion" is ludicrous.  A more accurate statement would be "If there
wasn't stable server software with the capability to filter at the
server, we would not be having this discussion".


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