[aprssig] Modification to AE5PL's routing idea

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Tue Feb 15 09:29:29 CST 2005

Good comments, Wes.

The difficulty I see with your concept, however, is that supporting any
source routing is detrimental and far too easy to abuse.  As for your
example of the NWS info, it should only be gated to RF for LAN use.  If
someone 100 miles away is covered by the same NWS office, they can gate
those packets to their LAN, if they desire.

The whole concept is that local digipeater operators define what their
local area is thereby reducing the potential for abuse, either
intentional or, more likely, accidental.  With interconnection of LAN's
available both via RF and Internet backbones, the user really shouldn't
have to care what that local RF area is nor should the user need to ever
modify their path.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
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> From: Wes Johnston
> Posted At: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 9:09 AM
> Subject: [aprssig] Modification to AE5PL's routing idea
> The thing I didn't like about this idea was that the users 
> could not specify a smaller area than the area of digipeaters 
> who were programmed for a given area

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