[aprssig] APRS W,W and W,W,W example

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 15 11:09:43 CST 2005

>>> sean at rimboy.com 2/15/05 9:57:15 AM >>>
>I suspect this will backfire in the long run.  
>... So I want to be a LID on APRS, knowing full well
>WIDE7-7 won't work.  I make my default UNPROTO path 
>WIDE7-6.  Guess what, I just got around your trap.  

Yes, but you also made a conscious decision to be a LID
and to violate the established "protocol" and gentlemenly
rules for operating in this net.  Such intntional and abuse 
can exist anywhere at any time in HAM radio, but we are
good at helping our fellow ham learn proper procedures or
avoiding or bud-listing LIDS....

The problem before now, is that there were dozens of
recommendaitons to user and its not their fauult that they
had no clue what to use, RELAY?  WIDE, TRACE, TRACEn-N,

Now we say its simple.  Use WIDEn-N where N is small 
as is common practice in your area.  Or use SSn-N for
state or ARRL sectional nets.

>I'd like to see what our long term options are rather than rely 
>on some of  these hacks.  

Build a new and better digipeater and it will solve these issues..
In the mean time, use "these hacks" to get on with APRS today...

>We'd love to see some of the out of state traffic off of our 
>network.  However, I think this is a short term bandaid.

Yep, and those that want to fix what's broken today, without
even a trip to the digi, can use "these hacks" and those that
want to put up with the QRM for a few more years and wait
for something better, are welcome to do so..

Im all for future improved digis.  but I'm not holding my
breath until I get one...


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