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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 15 11:26:34 CST 2005

But you can still gate by "group".  Just select to IGate all
TelPac nodes by APRS symbol.  We have defined that to
be a circle with a "W" on it.  Just like the IRLP and 
EchoLink nodes will have an "I" or an "E" on them.

I still prefer that local IGate operators decide to gate
these by specific callsign and not just by circular filter.
But the above technique will permit those well suited
for centralized IGateing to do it.


>>> HamLists at ametx.com 2/15/05 12:11:36 PM >>>
Where I like, in general the format, I disagree on a couple of issues.

First, even Bob used the word "object".  That's what these are and IMO
that's how they should be transmitted, not as APRS posits.  Most
software maintains separate lists for objects which makes it much
to look for these resources than searching through an APRS station

Second, for these to truly be of use to RF users, they will need to be
gated to RF.  In most cases, IGate operators are not continually
changing their configurations nor should they be.  These are automated
stations, most running 24/7, not stations with an operator physically
present at all times to constantly be searching for who sets up a
node in their area or who takes one down.  Because of this, an ability
to gate based on callsign prefix in an area (combination of IGate and
server filter software currently available everywhere) is preferable.

For instance, Collin County Texas ARES (take a look folks, according
Bob's density calculations, the DFW Texas area has the highest density
of APRS stations) would like to have the telpac nodes information for
the county beaconed to APRS.  This has been done for the past month
using the old objects with no complaint.  Why no complaints on a
frequency that is saturated?  Because the objects are only transmitted
once every 30 minutes and are only digipeated through the single
wide-area digipeater that covers all of the county.  Virtually no
bandwidth impact.

Under Bob's proposal, we would be constantly changing IGate
configurations to match when new TelPac nodes are brought up and when
others are taken down.  If the TelPac node uses a sending callsign
object name can still be CCCCCC-WL) starting with WLK, IGate could
connect to a user-defined filter port (no objects if no filter set)
set a filter of f/W5MRC-15/25 which would pass all stations and
within 25 km of W5MRC-15 to the IGate.  The IGate could then gate all
WLK stations which would only be those TelPac nodes within 25 km of
wide-area digipeater.  Of course, this range could be raised or
depending on the coverage area of the digipeater and desired coverage
area of announcing TelPac nodes.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
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> Here is what I think is best for the WinLink "object" to appear:
> Actual paceket injected into the APRS-IS:
> PHGxxxx FFF.FFF-SS_1200b winlink.org
> This will appear on the Kenwood D700 as:
> _1200b win
> link.org
> giveing the mobile user everything he needs to know about the 
> local WinLink node....  
> de Wb4APR, Bob
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