[aprssig] Fwd: RE: WinLink and the APRS-IS

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Tue Feb 15 11:43:14 CST 2005

> Sorry, yes, the SSID is the "SS" and very important

If you're saying,

"WA7NWP-WL>APWL2K:=DDMM.HHN0DDDMM.HHWa> PHG9999 145.630-03_1200b"

Then it's way too confusing...

Very few would know that the "-03" meant it was "wa7nwp-03" on 145.630.

(Yes - we'd learn it but it would be an learning curve for everybody new...)

Also another issue.  What about folks with mulitple Winlink stations and/or frequencies
in different locations?    I currently have 3 running (that I want to make public) and I know
another operator that has 4.   With Linux, it's trivial to add Telpac gateways to the
existing packet infrastructure...  ( http://nwp.ampr2.net/jnos/TelpacNode )

So a scheme such as "wa7nwp-wl" won't cover all the systems here.

> the winlink.org is so that a person has a refernce to know
> where to read more about this "thing" that is appearing on his
> map...

That'll be a really good thing IF the user has the ability to replace it with a URL of
their own for more specific information.   Having a zillion packets out there all
the same info isn't useful and will quickly get old.


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