[aprssig] Handling multiple WinLinks under same call

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 15 12:30:01 CST 2005

OOPS.  I take this back.  Better solution:

>>> bruninga at usna.edu 2/15/05 12:58:06 PM >>>
>>What about folks with mulitple Winlink stations...
>yes that is a problem.  Hummh... They would be 
>indistinguishable  on APRS and would ping-pong.  
>Only way to fix that is to go back to the
>original call CCCCCC-SS as the object name.

NEVERMIND.  THe fix is easier.  Still go with

CCCCCC-WL but when there are two or more
stations on the air make them CCCCCCC-W1
then W2 then W3, then W4, etc...

The only reason for the WL is an eye catcher
in the station list...


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