[aprssig] Need some help searching for a patent...

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Feb 15 17:27:53 CST 2005

On 2/16/05 at 10:15 AM Darryl Smith <Darryl at radio-active.net.au> sent:

>A company here in Oz has set up a company called WARPS... Wireless Automated
>Response Positioning System, and has, according to
>http://www.warps.com.au/what_is_warps.pdf got themselves a 'World Wide
>Provisional Patent' for their technology that sounds very much like MIC-E. 
Only thing I see different is that it can be polled from the base station,
otherwise it seems to be the Mic-E...love to see one opened up! It will be
interesting to see what the patent covers...

Steve K4HG

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