[aprssig] TM-D700 & Tinytrak

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Wed Feb 16 18:26:15 CST 2005

The intetnal TNC can talk to either side of the radio, whereas the tiny track
would have to talk to the side that the microphone talks to.

I wrote a small "basic stamp" program that will hook to your GPS in parallel
with the kenwood radio (they both see the same GPS data), and will make your
kenwood beacon when you turn a corner.  You need only to set your kenwood to
beacon every 30 minutes and this program will increase that rate as needed.




Quoting Rodney Padmore <rodpadmore at ns.sympatico.ca>:

> Can the TT be used as an external TNC to get the benefit of smart
> beaconing(r)? Does the result show up in the non-data band? Can both "TNC's"
> use the same GPS reciever? What are the pro's and con's of such a setup if it
> can be acheived at all? Thanks for answers and information pertaining to
> these questions es 73 de Rod,VE1BSK.

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