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[aprssig] New APRS symbol set Rev G in UIview, UIpoint and APRSplus formats released!

Stephen H. Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Thu Feb 17 10:11:30 UTC 2005

After months of discussion, issuance of new symbol and code assignments
by WB4APR, and repeated draft revisions, an updated symbol set for
UIview and APRSplus is now downloadable from my web site.

***** FINDU.COM is now using the exact same symbol set. *****

New symbols for "SUV", "Minivan", "Laptop"and more are added to my "Rev
G" symbol set, along with numerous changes listed below.  Note that
installing these new symbols will only make your own copy of UIview or
APRSplus show the new symbols.

Findu's symbol set, which was way out of sync with current APRS usage
(for example, transmitting the symbol for "SSTV" would yield a thunder
cloud with lightning on findu) is now current and precisely matches the
symbols downloadable from my website at:


o   I have filled all unassigned positions with a cross-hair symbol I
created after considerable experimentation on a variety of maps and
backgrounds (I was striving for legibility with a clear indication of
the exact location being transmitted, without excessively cluttering the
map or obscuring the background artwork.)  The intent of this is to
produce a usable posit marker if a user accidentally selects a
non-assigned symbol, or uses an outdated symbol set after new symbols
are introduced.

o   A version letter is in the unused lower-right corner cell of the
grid. (There were several earlier revisions that had limited
distribution among UIview users.)

o   UIview comes with symbols in a larger 20x20 pixel format. I
"transplanted the 16x16 pixel symbols used by most U.S. APRS
applications and findu into the 20x20 pixel grid used by UIview.   The
smaller (and more brightly colored symbols cover up less of the
underlying map (an issue in busy areas like Los Angeles) and stand out
better against loudly-colored backgrounds like Precision Mapping and
MapPoint.  The effect of the 16x16 symbol in the 20x20 cell is to create
more space between the symbol and the accompanying callsign label which
further improves readability.

The latest revised set which I refer to as "Rev G"  includes:

    ---Added Symbols:
      Mobile Earthstation
      Eyeball QSO
      "Logged On" (Live Operator Present)
      SSTV (replaces incorrectly-placed  thundercloud)

    ---Revised Symbols:
      Numbers 0-9 rounded to obscure less of the underlying map.
      All vehicles point the same way (to right)
      Motorcycle now looks like a motorcycle instead of a jeep.
      Server symbol revised
      School make to look more like a school house instead of a house
         (WB4APR's suggestion to put a bell on top).
      ICP Symbol
      Improved Fire Truck
      Hospital Blue Square with letter "H" instead of red cross
      Mic-E Repeater
      18-Wheeler made a bit heavier

    ---Added Symbols:
      Girl Scouts  (not new to UIview but new to US set)
      Construction Zone (Steam Shovel)
      SUV  (Look closely, the H2 outline has 1 pixel more ground clearance
         than the other vehicles)

   ---Revised Symbols:
      Picnic Table
      Coast Guard (Bob's suggestion for orange life ring. On a non-white
      background, you can also see a 1-pixel white rope around it.  I had
      originally thought of using the the diagonal red/white/blue slashes
      seen on the bow of USCG vessels but abandoned it as
      being too "US-centric" -- wouldn't mean anything elsewhere in the
      Diamond simplified and made overlayable (Blue instead of Red fill at
           Bob's request)
      DX Spot symbol changed
      Ham Store changed
      Black Box for Overlays
      Panel Truck / Commercial Van for Overlays
      Van for Overlays (attempted to make it look like a domestic minivan
       -- I guess it looks most like a Ford Aerostar)
      Red Shelter Icon for Overlays

Stephen H. Smith             wa8lmf (at) aol.com

Home Page:                   http://wa8lmf.com

New/Updated "Rev G" APRS     http://members.aol.com/wa8lmf/aprs
Symbols Set for UI-View,
UIpoint and APRSplus:

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