[aprssig] State Abbreviations for SSn-N rouiting...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 17 12:16:44 CST 2005


There is no need to limit it to two bytes.
ALA is just fine.  It can be WVA or
FLA.  Doesnt matter,  Just whatever
the state wants to use...  I only used SSn-N
in my docs as a convenience...

It does not make the packet any bigger, since
its a fixed 7 byte field anyway...

So, no, if you already  have ALA in place,
please leave it.  But if new states do stick with the
2 byte version of SSn-N then it will be easiler
for visitors to "guess" correctly without having
to look first...



>>> "Tim Cunningham" <tim_cunningham at mindspring.com> 2/17/05 10:07:03
AM >>>

I do not see that behavior with UIDIGI on this end. We have
7 of them in earshot of each other here with no other types
to mess up the process. I do not see that behavior here in a 
pure UIDIGI environment.

Our challenge has been dealing with the new paradigm SSn-n
changes. A few years ago when we did this we used ALA
for the UIFLOOD call and moved WIDE to the UITRACE call.
I had initially started to use AL and you suggested ALA. So, we 
went with ALA. As you can tell where I am going with this 
dialog it has added some complication to make the change since 
everybody who used ALAn-n burned their EPROM's, PIC's, 
and weather stations with ALAn-n. Now the SSn-n suggesting 
we use AL is a problem. We will deal with that one when we 
see the cost impact for the users that adopted ALAn-n.


Tim - N8DEU

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> Whats with the UIDIG ROM?
> I sent out a TRACE2-2 packet  and the W3GXT-2 
> digi using UUIDIGI ROM digipeated it 3 times from 
> each of the other 3 digis that heard the original..  
> It did NOT do dupe elimination as it should...
> Is this a fault of the UIDIGI firmware, or is this a local
> setting that is incorrect?  
> de Wb4APR, Bob
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