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[aprssig] APRS routing strategies

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Thu Feb 17 23:00:46 UTC 2005

Last attempt...

Robert Bruninga schreef:
> Absolutely he should!  He should be using 3 if he
> needs to go 3 hops and he should never use
> 5 as he will QRM too much area...

How does the user know he needs 3 hops while driving down the highway 
where sometimes he needs 1 and sometimes he needs 4 hop to hit an IGATE. 
Even if he could read it from a front pannel and punching it in while 
doing 60 mph, by the time he activates it the value is already obsolete.

> Then he had better look at a map and look at the PHG circles
> of his station and surrounding stations and decide what he
> should do at that place at that location and with those asets
> and that traffic density to get the job done without causing
> maximum QRM to everyone else.

And you want him to do that while driving arround? And when using a 
tracker, what map should he look at? Searching for clues on his paper map?

> Yes, that is why I recoemmend WIDE2-2 as a univerasal path..

If the IGATE is only one hop than WIDE2-2 is QRM, if the IGATE is 3 hops 
then the "universal path" doesn't hit the IGATE. Besides that IGATE can be 
converted to a directed path and is not flooding like WIDE2-2. So WIDE2-2 
is wasting much more bandwidth than IGATE would have. IGATE is more 
universal than what you are proposing and causes much less QRM. Besides 
that, it is clear what the user wants.

> Very simple, look at your radio.  Look at the digis listed on the

While driving?

> front panel.  Click on it.  See the STANDARD nomenclature
> for that digi.  If it says R,W3,S3, then that means that
> WIDE3-3 or SS3-3 is recommended in that area and anything
> larger will be truncated.  etc...  Very easy, very intentional,

That's what I'm saying, he/she constantaly needs to change to path to 
follow the local recommendations! You want him to do this while speeding 
on the highway, I call it recless behaviour. Besides that, what front 
pannel??? The one on the TinyTrak or OpenTracker? You mean the pannel on 
the HamHud III?

> very specific for that area, and perfectly matchted to the
> topography and load in that area...  what could be simpler?

I explained what could be simpeler. One alias that is replaced by the DIGI 
with a path that is very specific for that area, and perfectly matched to 
the topography and load in that area... And this without changing the path 
and auto adjusting while you drive from one area to another area. That is 
simpeler too me and works without looking at some kind of front pannel 
wile driving (in other words, its also safer).

> Sorry that you see open discussion and the accomodation of
> inputs from everyone on the SIG as being a moving target.

Well LNK is gone so now I have to adjust the digi_ned floppy configurator 
again to kick it out.

> I see it as an open technical discussion, trying out ideas,
> constanlty updating the proposals based on good feeback
> and arriving at what appears to be a consensus.

You mean when everybody got tired and shut up?

> Duh, you give me something to upgrade those boxes that
> all 1000 digipearters will go out and replace it with, and
> I am all for it!  But in the mean time, Im trying to fix what

You know it will not happen by magic. Like I said, we had this discussion 
in 2001 and nothing has changed. In 2008 we will have this discussion 
again; it will go on until Kantronics stops producing these TNC's and the 
current TNC are worn out. Say 20 years from now?

> we have with what we got.  I WELCOME smarter
> digipeaters....but they must be seamlessly introduced

No, you do not. You only say is but do not act like it.

Kind regards,


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