[aprssig] PocketAPRS with Clie?

J. Moen (K0ZXU/6) jmm at jwmoen.com
Thu Feb 17 17:41:45 CST 2005

I work APRS with my D7 and a Garmin eMap.  Works great.  I would really like to be able to also connect up my Sony Clie NX60 and run PocketAPRS.  

I think I'm doomed here, but maybe someone else has figured this out.  The Clie's connection to PCs is via USB.  I have a USB to serial adapter, but that adapter (I think) depends on the 5 volts that USB sources like PCs usually provide.  Obviously the D7's "PC out" connector has no DC.   I guess I could rig up a small battery pack to provide a bit of power to the adapter, but before fooling with all that, I thought I'd check the experts.   

My fallback would be to bring my old HandSpring Visor out of storage, but I really like the Clie's screen resolution.  Any comments on using the USB to serial adapter with a 5 volt source wired in?

  Jim - K0ZXU
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