[aprssig] A fix for KPC-3s?

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Feb 17 20:56:16 CST 2005

It's been mentioned a few times.  The UIDIGI ROM does a good job of
smartening up TNC-2s.  For new installations, I think it's a waste to buy a
KPC-3+ at $160 or whatever they're going for these days and then add a PIC.

Someone was working on a rule-based digipeater for the TNC-X.  Anyone know
what happened to that?

I'd devote some work to a project like that, but I'm too busy working on
something to make the KPC-3+ and 9612+ obsolete.  =]  (As of yesterday, it
finally speaks USB!  And I see the USB CDC Abstract Control Model spec in my


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Has anyone given any thought to using a PIC chip to "smarten up" a KPC-3 or
other legacy TNCs?  The TNC itself could be set to talk in KISS mode and not
do any digipeating itself, leaving that to the PIC.  Communication to/from
the PIC would be in KISS to "keep it simple".

I think a lot of the nuts and bolts exist in various software archives.
Once the chip was programmed, I would think you could make a kit (PCB, PIC,
cable, maybe case) for ~$30 (similar to the TinyTrak in cost) and just hang
it off the serial port.

73 de Mark N9XTN

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