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[aprssig] Minor Fixes to Rev G APRS Sets Now Available For Download

Stephen H. Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Fri Feb 18 06:44:20 UTC 2005

Earlier today, I received an email pointing out an unexpected problem
with the new APRS symbol set releases.   Apparently, UIview can not
tolerate a symbol name or description in the symbol select dialog in
"Setup, Station Setup", or in the various lists of heard stations, that
is more than 10 characters long.  Descriptions like "Mic-E Repeater"
were getting clipped in the lists to "E Repeater", etc

I have revised the files "symbols.txt" (in the UIpoint and APRSplus
packages) and mysymb.txt (in the UIview package) to accomodate this
limitation.   Revised versions of the ZIP file archives are now for
download on my website at the same location as before:

NOTE 1:   New versions were uploaded to the site at about 10:00 PM
Pacific Time 17 Feb 05     (0600 UTC 18 Feb 05)

Note 2:   The symbols themselves HAVE NOT CHANGED since yesterday.  Only
the text file that creates the text symbol descriptions in UIview has

Note 3:   I have added a GIF image, "Rev G Symbol Chart.GIF" , showing
the relationship between the icons and the text codes that produce them,
to each archive.  This is similar to the comparison grid on my APRS
symbols web page.   As a result, each archive is about 30K larger than
yesterday's versions.

Stephen H. Smith             wa8lmf (at) aol.com

Home Page:                   http://wa8lmf.com

New/Updated "Rev G" APRS     http://members.aol.com/wa8lmf/aprs
Symbols Set for UI-View,
UIpoint and APRSplus:

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