[aprssig] KPC-3 Question

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 18 11:25:24 CST 2005


     I have a need to use some out of the ordinary APRS. First of all
this will NOT be done on 144.390 so don't worry. It is a need for a
special event off frequency. Is it possible for a new version of KPC-3
to run as a tracker AND a relay digipeater at the same time? Also,
would it be possible for the TNC to run as a tracker, RELAY digipeater
and feed a receive only type of software such as Hyper terminal or
Dmapper all at the same time? An example of this could be a
parade/running race situation where a lead van is setup with a tracker,
but is also receiving the 100 milliwatt or less transmissions from the
people on foot and retransmitting them with the high power radio in the
van. I know you can do all this with UIVIEW, but I want to do it
without using any software. This way when the serial cable is unplugged
from the TNC it continues to be a tracker/digipeater in the van with no
software attached. Thanks.

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