[aprssig] d700 in mic-e mode

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Fri Feb 18 15:32:35 CST 2005

And now for something completely different!

We finally got one of our repeaters setup for MIC-e and muting the packet burst.
 Packets are gated over to 440 (since the repeater is so close in frequency to
144.39), and at the main IGATE site, we digipeat the 440 packets back onto 2m.

Has anyone ever noticed when using the d700 in PTT mode (ie mic-encoder mode)
that the radio doesn't always send a posit right as you unkey?  It will send a
position about 1 to 2 seconds later every once in a while.   I thought at first
it was hearing some packets on 144.39 just as I unkeyed, and that was causing it
to hold off, so as an experiment, I unkeyed with the squelch turned down all the
way on the data side of the radio and that did not cause it to hold off tx...
could it be that the radio is processing a packet or sending a waypoint to the
GPS at the moment I unkey and that's the holdup?

Sure is aggrivating... since when it doesn't TX right away when I unkey, it will
TX 2 seconds later when the other party I'm talking to has just started talking
and it blanks him out for a second or so.


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