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[aprssig] Verizon Wireless GPS fun

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Fri Feb 18 21:55:48 UTC 2005

These instructions are for an LG VX4400 phone on the US Verizon Wireless 
network.  I do not know if it will work or how to set it up on other 
phones, so don't ask me... :)

I do not know if they charge for this either or if it is just an 
engineering test, so use it sparingly and at your own risk.

2 (field tests)
6 (gpsone)
2 (gpsone test)
set to on and use the center select to make certain it is set
6 (test num) set it to 922 hit center select select
hit end
dial 922 (do not use redial as it will not work)
should see Network GPS Start
after 30-60 seconds you should see your coordinates... if you use the 
scroll buttons around the select you can scroll down and get speeds and 
direction if you are moving

Verified working in Sioux Falls, SD and Temecula, CA.    Spot on.
I also noticed that when I dial 922, I can hear pieces of a voice 
conversation, probably not intended...



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