[aprssig] APRS routing strategies

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Sat Feb 19 09:44:03 CST 2005

If you want to eliminate the digipeating problems prevalent in today's
network, eliminate source routing.  The algorithm is in this quarter's
PSR.  This can be done with digi_ned and is in the next release of
javAPRSDigi.  It is a simple enough algorithm to be put in the uidigi
eprom.  It is also simple enough for Kantronics to properly implement if
they were approached by someone (Bob?) they have worked with in the
past.  And it does not require all digipeaters to be changed over night.

AX.25 was never designed as a networking protocol.  It is a data-link
protocol.  Attempts through the years to make it a networking protocol
by using the via fields have failed miserably, including our current
APRS implementations.  As hams, we work every day with local-area
networks where we, as users, don't have control of our path.  It's
called using a repeater.  True, some repeaters are linked and some of
those even give you the ability to select who you link to (if you know
the proper codes).  But the routing is still controlled by the repeater

Until source routing is eliminated, all we are doing is applying
Band-Aids to the hemorrhaging.  And in the confusion, how many people
are turned away?


Pete Loveall AE5PL
mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 

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