[aprssig] Wide 7-7 reduction

kb4ytm at charter.net kb4ytm at charter.net
Sat Feb 19 10:50:33 CST 2005

My local list of wide7-7's has gone down considerably in the last couple of weeks. Checking the logs each day I have only 2 regular wide7-7, one is a home user, the other is a digi. 

KC5YHQ-2 user in Arkansas (cannot seem to get a msg to)
N4ZZQ-3 digi in Virginia (digi owner is changing path soon i'm  told)
VE2BUS-9 traveling user that passed through last couple of days

Guys keep up the good work on user education and implementing whatever new paths are appropriate for your areas, as I have noticed a big reduction in QRM. I can now hear a few stations direct that used to only come through @ night. 

We have 4 digi's swapped over to the new n-n here in western TN using TNn-n for longer paths. The remaining digi's (at least in west TN) will be swapped this weekend I am told. The guys in middle TN that I have spoken with are working on the changes, but have not made any as of yet. 

Have a great weekend
KB4YTM-2 Igate in Jackson, TN

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