[aprssig] Re: APRS Status Quo

Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Sat Feb 19 11:59:07 CST 2005

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005, Jason Winningham wrote:

> The topic that some of us are _trying_ to discuss is a _solution_ to the
> problem of network overload and client configuration complexity, while you're
> presenting a _workaround_.  There is nothing wrong with your workaround in the
> context of the current APRS network, but the _design_ of the current APRS
> network, in the opinion of some of us who know networks, is lacking.

Perhaps I didn't make it clear enough when I chimed in.  I tried to
make it more clear by changing the subject line, but should have
done that one message earlier.

To make things perfectly clear:  The new strategy sounds fine to me.
Let's implement it.  It sounds very similar to what we've been
running in the Seattle area for quite some time, thanks to the
forward-looking people we have in this area who take care of such
things (NWAPRS guys, thanks!).  There are some minor differences to
what we're running now, and I look forward to seeing the number of
stations on my map go down.  Really, that's a good thing!  Right now
I have 454 stations on my Xastir screen.  That's far too many.

There, that said, can we get on with discussions for the future, or
do we have to be forever mired in the details of the present, never
able to disentangle ourselves from it?

> Seems that a lot of the discussions have been under subject lines of "APRS
> routing strategies" or "next generation APRS network" or others.  If someone
> can't pay enough attention to the thread or even the subject line to
> differentiate between a discussion on a potential future APRS network and a
> recommendation for what to do to a digi today I personally am not too worried
> about their understanding of the discussion.


> > But in the meantime
> > stop obfuscating the topic at  hand which is getting
> *sigh*  There are MULTIPLE discussions occurring simultaneously on this list.
> Look at the subject lines of the message for which one you're following.  YOUR
> topic at hand is newn-n; a DIFFERENT topic at hand is a layer 3 network design
> to support APRS in the future.   Other discussions involve a gps sale, a MIC-e
> decoder for a voice repeater,  and how to hack an Onstar gps. Check the
> subject line to see where you're at.

Exactly.  Future directions discussions are what I'm currently
interested in.  The routing thread is not of much interest to me
(but of great interest to these brains around here that keep our
NWAPRS network running smoothly).

Keep the subject lines straight.  Change the subject line if you're
changing the main subject of the thread, or focusing on only one
aspect of the thread which then changes the thrust of your
discussion.  Yea, I need to get better at that too.

Nobody's trying to obfuscate anything here Bob.  Follow the subject

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