[aprssig] APRS @ car rally

aa8ei aa8ei at cinci.rr.com
Sat Feb 19 15:58:32 CST 2005

There is a US Rally Championship and Eastern States Rally Championship 
event  on May 18-19 in the Cherokee National Forest near 
Chattanooga/Cleveland TN.

Anyone interested in setting up an APRS network in the mountains? Need not 
be extensive. Would take a minimum of one display site in the Rally Control 
area and tracker(s) on official vehicle(s) (not competitive vehicles) and 
probably one or more digipeaters. Simplex is not all that useful, but we 
use a UHF repeater (on Oswald Dome) for general communications. We know the 
radio territory very well.

It can be a good experimental and experiential weekend if a few APRS ops 
are interested.

For details, give me an email or call at 513.531.7432. A 24/7 answering 
machine will hold details so I can contact you, but email is probably the 
best first-contact method.


Tony AA8EI

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