[aprssig] A fix for KPC-3s?

Doug Younker dougy at ruraltel.net
Sat Feb 19 16:27:41 CST 2005

Hi Mark,

    While I was the first to put up at least a dumb aprs digi for miles in
any direction, others with more resources quickly passed me by.  Recently
some time ago one of those mover and shakers told me they would burn an
eprom to smarten it up for me.  I advised them the tnc wasn't a tnc 2
compatible where I could use uidigi and was an older kpc3 and that to the
best of my knowledge there was no way easily smarten it up and I thought it
died there.  Last month they told me they had burned a chip for the kpc3 and
made arrangements to help me put it in and use a service monitor to set the
deviation and stuff.  I ask if the chip they put in made it better
compatible with the network and was told yes.  I can't find out what exactly
what  they did and if they know how to do something the rest of the aprs
world don't.  I did see them change out chips and I have the old here, so I
know they did something and they seem happy with the change.--73
Doug, N0LKK
dougy at ruraltel.net

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Subject: [aprssig] A fix for KPC-3s?

: Has anyone given any thought to using a PIC chip to "smarten up" a KPC-3
: other legacy TNCs?  The TNC itself could be set to talk in KISS mode and
: do any digipeating itself, leaving that to the PIC.  Communication to/from
: the PIC would be in KISS to "keep it simple".
: I think a lot of the nuts and bolts exist in various software archives.
: Once the chip was programmed, I would think you could make a kit (PCB,
: cable, maybe case) for ~$30 (similar to the TinyTrak in cost) and just
: it off the serial port.
: 73 de Mark N9XTN
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