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[aprssig] Further Background and Info on New APRS symbol sets

Stephen H. Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Sun Feb 20 00:43:13 UTC 2005

Glenn Wiebe wrote on 2/19/2005, 9:35 AM:

 > #1) While I am not using UI-VIEW at present I did download
 > UIview-MySymbols-RevG.zip and had a boo at its contents. What do I do
 > now?

The comment file that should pop up as soon as you open the zip file in 
WinZip tells you.   Just extract the zip file's contents into the main 
UIview program directory (folder).

 > I thought there might be a mysymb file in my UI-VIEW folder to
 > over-write but not so.

The original "factory" symbols are stored in two files, "symbols.bmp" 
and "symbols2.bmp" , accompanied by the file "symbols.txt" that creates 
the text labels/descriptions of these symbols that you see in the 
Station Setup and Station Lists.

If you want to change the symbol set, you can do so without loosing the 
ability to revert to the originals.  If you create/modify a symbol set, 
name/rename them "mysyb.bmp" and "mysymb2.bmp, and place them in the 
main UIview directory, UIview will AUTOMATICALLY use these on the next 
boot instead of the originals which remain untouched.

These new files need to be accompanied by a new text file "mysymb.txt" 
in order to present the correct text labels for the new set.  Typically 
"mysymb.txt" is created by editing a copy of the original "symbols.txt" 
in a basic ASCII text editor like Notepad and resaving it to the new name.

The file "mysymb.txt" is in my zip archive and will be copied into the 
UIview directory along with the new image files when the zip file is 
unpacked.    Note that none of the "mysymb.xxx" files will exist in a 
"stock" version of UIview -- you have to add them.

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