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Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sat Feb 19 21:12:01 CST 2005

Er... I'm in the process of selecting, then hardening, computers for 
weather site installation that will have to function for periods of up 
to three years in extreme conditions.  I don't expect to do this with 
normal E-machines or Dells, but I do expect to select and build out 
essentially stock hardware and see them work.

It's not that hard.

Oh... and while I do suffer crashes with Linux, at least there I can 
leave a watchdog running, or reasonably expect cron to restart the 
machine hard every 24 hours or so.  I generally don't see too many 
problems in the embedded systems I employ.


Herb Gerhardt wrote:
> I run the SOMTN digi in Western Washington, USA and this site is about 70
> miles from my house and located on a mountain at 3000 ft.  It is not
> accessible in the winter time due to snow.  From my experience with
> computers, they all crash periodically and need someone to nurture them back
> to life.
> So, a PC at this site is not an option in my mind.  I am not willing to run
> up there whenever it needs to be reset.  I have not been at this site now
> for almost 2 years and it is still running just fine!  I can access the
> KPC-3+ TNC from my home and make any desired setting changes as we find ways
> to improve our network.
> In our area, we also do not encourage people to have digipeaters running in
> their homes where they could have ready access to their equipment.  The
> majority of the digi's in our area are on similar mountain top locations
> with the same access problems.
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>>If in The Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy its not a problem to
>>deploy PC's in digipeaters, why is it such a problem in the US? I don't
>>get it, but maybe that is because I'm European.
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