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On Behalf Of Herb Gerhardt
I can access the KPC-3+ TNC from my home and make any desired setting
changes as we find ways to improve our network.

In our area, we also do not encourage people to have digipeaters running in
their homes where they could have ready access to their equipment.  The
majority of the digi's in our area are on similar mountain top locations
with the same access problems.

[Larry Cerney] I'm with Herb.  What we need is a new up to date TNC.  The
computer I run here at home for my I-gate knows just as soon as I step on an
airplane and crashes.  Last week my machine was down for about 12 hours and
I was out of town.  Had to wait for my wife to get home to talk her through
starting it all back up, I know put the programs in startup.  The issue here
is running a digi in kiss and having to depend on the computer to handle the
digi'ing to me is crazy.  Why have two very different devices interdependent
upon each other?  I had left my TNC and UI-View in KISS mode and when the
computer went down so did my digi although the TNC and Radio was still
working, they were only acting as power sinks.  I got home and the KPC3+
went back into digi mode and UI-View mode went back to None.

What we need is a TNC with open source software that can be kept up to date
with a simple flash.  Let the computers run programs and let the TNC's do
the communication interface.  When the computer goes away, and they will,
the TNC will keep networking.


"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a
touch of genius --- and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."

--Albert Einstein

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