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Hi Stephen
                  It does not.
If a user turns on a the digipeat function of the D700 and does 
nothing else all is fine.
Yes the D700 will only digipeat on the D700 call sign only.

The D700 has a bug in its digipeat code. If the user sets the UIDIGI 
parameter to RELAY or WIDE or TRACEn-n all is still well.
But if the user sets UIDIGI (Menu item 3-L) to WIDEn-n the D700 takes 
the from call and subtracts one from the ssid. For example
kb2scs-5>digi1,digi2:packet payload
when heard by the D700 gets digipeated as
kb2scs-4>digi1,digi2:packet payload

It does not mater what the packets digi path (shown as digi1,digi2 
above) is.

I do not have any personal experience with this matter. What I have 
written here comes from memory of reading APRSsig messages on the 

I have experienced the other known D700 digipeating bug.
If you turn on digipeating and also put an alias in the UIDIGI field 
then even if you turn off digipeating the D700 will still digipeat as 
long as you leave the alias in the UIDIGI field.

On 19 Feb 2005 at 22:18, Stephen H. Smith Wrote

> Huh?  Since when has a standalone D700 been able to do Widen-N call 
>   decrementing and substitution?  Is this something in a later 
> version?
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