[aprssig] Sunday, Xastir, Sick

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 20 12:55:32 CST 2005


     Well I went to Wal Mart last night (the last place on earth on
would ever want to go, but emergency needed items at 11:00 at night
made the decision for me) and now I feel those flu like sore muscles
starting to show up all over the body. Today is Sunday, and I am off
work tomorrow because of the holiday. Sooooooo, here I am looking at
installing Xastir on Windows 98SE! As a UIVIEW user I feel as though I
am jumping off a perfectly good ship into shark infested waters for no
reason, but everyone insists I will be able to swim to a tropical
island and live happily ever after. The first question is the minimum
system requirements? I have a Pentium 120 with only 32 megs of ram. The
other choice is a Pentium 200 with 64 megs of ram but that computer
always crashes for some reason. But I could probably live with that.
Any words of wisdom as I start in on this today?

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