[aprssig] Re: Sunday, Xastir, Sick

Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Sun Feb 20 14:35:36 CST 2005

On Sun, 20 Feb 2005, Tyson S. wrote:

> Sooooooo, here I am looking at
> installing Xastir on Windows 98SE! As a UIVIEW user I feel as though I
> am jumping off a perfectly good ship into shark infested waters for no
> reason, but everyone insists I will be able to swim to a tropical
> island and live happily ever after. The first question is the minimum
> system requirements? I have a Pentium 120 with only 32 megs of ram. The
> other choice is a Pentium 200 with 64 megs of ram but that computer
> always crashes for some reason. But I could probably live with that.
> Any words of wisdom as I start in on this today?

Yea, just curious:  That machine that crashes all the time, do you
use it at all now?  If not, consider installing Linux on that box,
either as a single-boot or a dual-boot system, then run Xastir on
it.  You'll be much happier running Xastir in a native Unix
environment, although it does run under Windows as well.  It's also
possible that the machine may run quite reliably with Linux.  Of
course the machine may have serious hardware/memory/timing problems
and not run well under any OS.

I've successfully run Xastir on a Linux laptop with 32MB memory.
I'd probably recommend at least 64MB for Xastir on Linux.  More is
better, particularly if you're going to be on INET feeds.

If you're running under Windows you need more memory yet for Cygwin
and X11 (X-Windows).  I'd say 128MB might be the minimum if running
Win98/NT4, more if running Win2k or WinXP.

On Win2k I had trouble installing on a machine that had 128MB
memory, due to excessive memory requirements at the last stage of
the compile/link process.  Same machine running NT4 could compile
Xastir just fine.

I'm not one of the guys who regularly runs Xastir on Windows.  Join
the Xastir mailing list and ask questions there if you run into
trouble:  http://www.xastir.org,  Links are on the left.

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