[aprssig] HIGH PRIORITY re change of e-mail address

Eric Christensen kf4otn at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 20 15:40:59 CST 2005

You can login to the TAPR site (www.tapr.org) and change it yourself (look at the bottom left column for LISTS).  No one can change your address but you.

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I have sent 4 e-mails to have my e-mail address for aprssig mailing list changed from  stevedkc7byp at aol.com   to  kc7byp2 at aol.com.     And no ome has done anything about it for over a month and a half.
I like reading the thing's on the APRSSig group. I don't want to kiss the group goodbuy.       But I will if that is the only to clear my primary
e-mail box so be it.

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Steven Eizenberg
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