[aprssig] Chairmanship

James Smith k9apr at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 20 18:30:36 CST 2005

Hello All,

There comes a time and place in life when everything starts to change, and
over the last several months. Several things have changed and continue to
change daily.  So like anything thing else, it is good to have change which
I really don't mind in the first place. So one thing that I'm looking at
doing right now is stepping down as the Chairman of the Tri-State APRS
Working Group which I have been the chairman since the 1999 time frame. If
anyone is interested in taken over the responsibility of the group send me a
private e-mail. And I think it is time for a change and I need a break. It
always nice to have fresh ideas and leadership to lead the group into the

I want thank the crew I have had for almost the past 6 years.. Emery Mc
Clendon Sr (KB9IBW), Zachary Michael (KB9UQQ), James(Jim) Odom (AD4CR),
Richard Kearney (N9ONV), Dan Lehnen (N9UWE) and Mac Mc Millian (W8XF) with
the help of these fine gentleman the current network we have in place wouldn
t have ever happened. I would like to send a personal thanks to Sid Caesar
(NH7C) the old chairman of the group and the founder way back in the early
1990's, who gave me the opportunity to serve the APRS community in such a
vast that it has grown from back form it's humble beginnings..... And
another BIG thanks to John Ackermann (N8UR), for being such a generous host
for all the domain's he host for me... And there is more people that have
helped over the years also, and to you a big thanks also.. This is a hard
decision to have to make, but it is one that has to be made..

Things that I have committed myself already this year I will honor. Which
will be listed below for anyone wishing to know.

1.) Taking care of the web domain this is first and foremost on the agenda.

2.) The 12th annual Pizza Party during Dayton Hamvention weekend, which will
be Saturday, May 21, 2005 at Marion's Pizza. I will schedule this event in
just a few short weeks..

3.) 2 day live demo at of APRS at the Ft. Wayne Hamfest and computer expo,
Which will be  November 19 & 20, 2005.... 

This is all that I have scheduled at this minute...

Again if anyone is interested in taken over as Chairman, Please send a
private e-mail and not to the list...


James Smith K9APR


Tri-State APRS Working Group


e-mail:k9apr at tawg.org  

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