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A.J. Farmer (AJ3U) ajfarmer at spenet.com
Sun Feb 20 20:52:22 CST 2005

Reminds me of an old Confuscious saying:

"He who says it can not be done should not get in the way of he who is
already doing it".  ;-)


A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

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Ron Stordahl schreef:
> Do you really think for one minute that it would be wise to put a PC at 
> a remote site that runs 40 F below in the winter and 100 F above in the 
> summer and is subject to regular power failure/restores?
> If so, come here and take over the maintenance of 15 remote sites please!

Why it is possible in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands? 
Why should a PC board be less reliable than a KPC-3? I'm talking about a 
solid system, without a spinning harddisk, I bet the components are not 
any different than the components used on a KPC-3 and in your TRX.

Let met ask you straight, did you ever try it? How do you know a PC will 
not work under these conditions when a Kantronics TNC and your 
commercial-grade TRX seems to work?

Besides that, I never said you shall have a PC. A PC is currently the only 
solution available, but if we make a decision today to move into a new and 
better direction then even solutions for sites like you mention will 
emerge. Note that we are only discussing this right now and already people 
show up with *great* ideas like a PIC controller to take over the 
digipeating function and replacing the KPC-3 PROM with something like a 
UIDIGI type of PROM.

I don't understand the tendency to pick the exceptions to show why 
something can't be done. Lets look at the opportunities, solutions for the 
exceptions will then emerge in due time, people are creative and always 
found ways to overcome problems.

Kind regards,


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