[aprssig] HIGH PRIORITY re change of e-mail address

Barney Barnes barneyw8kjm at att.net
Sun Feb 20 22:37:56 CST 2005

mailman-owner at lists.tapr.org <mailto:mailman-owner at lists.tapr.org>  wrote:

This is a reminder, sent out once a month, about your lists.tapr.org
mailing list memberships.  It includes your subscription info and how
to use it to change it or unsubscribe from a list.

You can visit the URLs to change your membership status or
configuration, including unsubscribing, setting digest-style delivery
or disabling delivery altogether (e.g., for a vacation), and so on.

In addition to the URL interfaces, you can also use email to make such
changes.  For more info, send a message to the '-request' address of
the list (for example, mailman-request at lists.tapr.org) containing just
the word 'help' in the message body, and an email message will be sent
to you with instructions.

If you have questions, problems, comments, etc, send them to
mailman-owner at lists.tapr.org.  Thanks!

The above quote is from the monthly message you get from TAPR listing the
various SIGs you might be signed up for.  I would suggest you e-mail to
mailman-request at lists.tapr.org <mailto:mailman-request at lists.tapr.org>  to
unsubscribe using your old address and then resubscribe by going to
http//:tapr.org and subscribe under your new address.  Your unsubscribe
message should be just a simple "unsubscribe" text.  Nothing more.  When
TAPR change over from Lyris mail system to the Mailman system, I ended up
getting 2 messages from each of 5 SIGs I was signed up for since I was
signed up as barneyw8kjm at worldnet.att.net
<mailto:barneyw8kjm at worldnet.att.net>  and barneyw8kjm at att.net
<mailto:barneyw8kjm at att.net>  and both addresses are good

Barney, W8KJM

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Subject: [aprssig] HIGH PRIORITY re change of e-mail address

I have sent 4 e-mails to have my e-mail address for aprssig mailing list
changed from  stevedkc7byp at aol.com <mailto:stevedkc7byp at aol.com>    to
kc7byp2 at aol.com <mailto:kc7byp2 at aol.com> .     And no ome has done anything
about it for over a month and a half.
I like reading the thing's on the APRSSig group. I don't want to kiss the
group goodbuy.       But I will if that is the only to clear my primary
e-mail box so be it.

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Steven Eizenberg
>From the Amateure Radio Station of KC7BYP
QTH= Pasco, Wa
e-mail = stevedkc7byp at aol.com
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