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[aprssig] Bob, Address the WIDE7-6 Possibility

Stephen H. Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Tue Feb 22 02:16:58 UTC 2005

Robbie - WA9INF wrote on 2/21/2005, 5:36 PM:

 > You're right, unfortunately, in the last couple months thanks to all the
 > switching back and forth, and sometimes after a bunch of changes were
 > made by some before they changed it again!! <G>
 > As Bob Bruninga said a few days ago, RELAY,WIDE2-2 in metro areas, and
 > maybe RELAY,WIDE3-3 out in the boonies for travelers..

Not correct!

For at least the last several weeks, he has been saying WIDE2-2 or 
WIDE3-3 only.   RELAY is to be phased out ASAP.

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