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[aprssig] Bob, Address the WIDE7-6 Possibility

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 22 15:52:01 UTC 2005

What I am excited about the New n-N Paradigm is that
we have eliminated a lot of legacy that caused problems
(WIDE,TRACE,SS, TRACEn-N, etc).  And we now have
given the users two simple paths of WIDEn-N and SSn-N 
that support long haul travelers and local use.

I do not expect an overnight solution, probably will take
months.  But at least we now have a workable plan.
There will always be users that refuse to change.  But it
is best to work around them rather than butt heads 
with them.  If friendly bulletins dont work, then best not 
to let them get the best of us.  I would not even consider
BUDLISTING anyuone for several months.  etc...

You guys in NC led the way and showed how much
improvement is possible (and how much some people
will refuse change)...  good luck!  Bob

>>> CHRISTENSENE at MAIL.ECU.EDU 2/22/05 9:33:21 AM >>>
I don't think the new n-N Paradigm has been finalized (at least I hope
not).  There are still a BUNCH of problems that your plan does not
address.  You are under the assumption that people are rational and
to play well with others; I have seen quite the opposite on numerous
occasions.  If you prevent the QRM, then there is none.  But with your
plan we are back at square one.  

Until we can get some REAL network control (i.e. hop counting in the
digipeaters) then I would refrain from using "finalized new n-N
paradigm" as I HOPE it isn't final!


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> >As Bob Bruninga said a few days ago, RELAY,WIDE2-2
> >in metro areas, and  maybe RELAY,WIDE3-3 out in the 
> >boonies for travelers..
> Now that we have finalized the New n-N pParadigm,
> I do not recommend starting a path with RELAY.  Yes,
> it has value 1% of the time when you are out of range
> of a digi and in range of a HOME RELAY, but the other
> 99% of the time, that mobile could be generating 2 to 3 times 
> the number of dupes on every single packet he transmits when 
> he hits more than one digi.  It just is not worth it.
> If there is a black hole, then put a WIDEn-N digi there. 
> WIDEn-N has perfect dupe elimination and so adding a digi 
> only adds ONE copy occasionally as opposed to 2 to 3 times as 
> many dupes on every packet from every mobile...
> These fill-in digis should trap then other N-s so as not
> to dupe every packet in the area..
> So my recopmmendation for the last several weeks now
> has been to drop the leading RELAY and just use
> WIDE2-2 for local commuting.  WIDE3-3 for travelers
> east of the Mississippi and WIDE4-4 for truckers and
> long-haul travelers west of the Mississippi except for
> obvbious places on the west coast...
> de WB4APR, Bob
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