[aprssig] Wide 7-7 reduction

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 22 10:15:56 CST 2005

>>> kb4ytm at charter.net 2/19/05 11:50:33 AM >>>
>My local list of wide7-7's has gone down considerably 
>in the last couple of weeks. Checking each day I have 
>only 2 regular wide7-7, one is a home user, the other is a digi. 

Yes, In Wash DC area I am seeing a big difference:
7-7's, down from 2 or 3 to none
6-6's down from 10 or so to none
5-5's down from 10 or so to none
4-4's down from 40 to about 6 or so...
3-3's is down to under 40
2-2's has grown to over 80?
but WIDE,WIDE's is still abotu 150 and is 45% of all packets...

>Guys keep up the good work on user education...

Yes, anad almost ALL of this improvement is
through user education with bulletins since we have
not yet had any of the major digipeaters make the switch
other than one PacComm changing to a "P" digi and
several smaller digis changing to "L"'s.

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