[aprssig] Bob, Address the WIDE7-6 Possibility

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 22 13:02:45 CST 2005

RELAY will still be supported.  Just discouraged because
they cause so many dupes.  If your area can handle all
the dupes and you want mobiles to keep using   RELAY
as a first hop, its up to you.  But I wouild suggest that
first people should try it without the initial RELAY and
make some statistical comparisons (including counting
all the dupes) before making up their minds.  Bob

>>> n5tim at comcast.net 2/22/05 1:17:52 PM >>>
Looks like this just put the HOME RELAYs out of work.  I disagree with
percentages. What to do now?

73, John - N5TIM

At 08:20 2/22/2005, you wrote:
> >>> mwrobertson at comcast.net 2/21/05 8:36:26 PM >>>
> >As Bob Bruninga said a few days ago, RELAY,WIDE2-2
> >in metro areas, and  maybe RELAY,WIDE3-3 out in the
> >boonies for travelers..
>Now that we have finalized the New n-N pParadigm,
>I do not recommend starting a path with RELAY.  Yes,
>it has value 1% of the time when you are out of range
>of a digi and in range of a HOME RELAY, but the other
>99% of the time, that mobile could be generating 2 to 3 times
>the number of dupes on every single packet he transmits
>when he hits more than one digi.  It just is not worth it.
>If there is a black hole, then put a WIDEn-N digi there.
>WIDEn-N has perfect dupe elimination and so adding
>a digi only adds ONE copy occasionally as opposed to
>2 to 3 times as many dupes on every packet from
>every mobile...
>These fill-in digis should trap then other N-s so as not
>to dupe every packet in the area..
>So my recopmmendation for the last several weeks now
>has been to drop the leading RELAY and just use
>WIDE2-2 for local commuting.  WIDE3-3 for travelers
>east of the Mississippi and WIDE4-4 for truckers and
>long-haul travelers west of the Mississippi except for
>obvbious places on the west coast...
>de WB4APR, Bob
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