[aprssig] Bob, Address the WIDE7-6 Possibility

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 22 14:03:56 CST 2005

>>> mwrobertson at comcast.net 2/22/05 1:52:28 PM >>>
>These home RELAYs had a very important roll all along. 
>But, if they become WIDENs, then ... it could be bedlam 
>all over again!

Yes.  We dont want HOME stations to be RELAYS unless
they are in a location high on a hill and just happen to be
at a good enough site to be considered as a digi in the
first place.  If there is a hole in coverage, we need to fix
it with a good digipeater.  If none of the above is possible,
then leave it as a RELAY and let locals that need to use
it use the path starting with RELAY.  But try it first without
the RELAY and after the QRM is reduced and you might 
find that it works now because of less QRM.

>Until recently, I had never heard that the home RELAYs 
>were meant to help a mobile make a WIDE digi through 
>QRM.. I understood they were  there because of the 
>mobile's weaker signal, and fluttering while moving, 
>not QRM.

Its not intended that way, its just that because of all the
QRM that the digis are hearing, the chance that a
mobile on the fringes can get in are small.  His RF signal
may be strong enough, but because of 100% QRM at
the main digi, his packets are lost in the QRM.

Under the new n-N paradigm those existing good-site
digis might actually hear silence long enough to then
actually hear the mobile.  It is EASY to tell if this is
going on.  If the MOBILE can hear packets, then it
is not an RF hole, but a fact that the digi hears too
much QRM..

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