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[aprssig] UI View Registration???

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Tue Feb 22 20:44:33 UTC 2005

Your milage may vary... I have been somewhat inactive but when I unsuscribed
from the UI-List several months ago there were 2 "Agents" volunteering to do
the job. One was a ham in NC doing the North America hams and then a chap in
the UK doing the other ones. Maybe it's all automated now and there is no
need for that anymore.

I would suggest joining the UI-View mailing list for specific UI-View
questions, and I believe that the moderator incloses the registration
information on your welcome message. Soon after Rogers death the list got
flooded with the same requests, sometimes dozens a day. Everyone was signing
up and posting it as their first question and it got tiring, the moderator
stated he was going to try to reduce that by including the info in the
welcome message.


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