[aprssig] Re: Chicago APRS Network

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 22 21:35:31 CST 2005

Yes, But now even the ID-vs-NOID problem is resolved
with the New n-N Paradigm beacuse WIDEn-N should
now be supported in the UITRACE parameter so all
WIDEn-N paths are traced.  And for the SSn-N placed
into th eUIFLOOD parameter, now we want ID ON. 


is the correct setting for state SS to support SSn-N.
Also, when all this is done the DIGI should change its
overlay character to L and shouldlist its capabilities
in the Position text:  "R,Wn,SSn, etc..."


>>> ab9fx at aprs.pl 2/22/05 9:04:26 PM >>>

Doesnt look to bad to me...except what does not get captured
by my APRStest program is the paths of WIDE,WIDEn-N
since by the time it is captured it is shwoing as DIGIx,WIDEn-N and
I cannot prove it started with a WIDE.

I think some digis are set up for ID. I see many times on the APRS-IS
beacons sent with WIDE2-2 as xx9xxx*,WIDE2* gated to Internet

Andy AB9FX
Chicago, IL

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