[aprssig] path for Tiny Track

Joe Della Barba joe at dellabarba.com
Tue Feb 22 21:55:54 CST 2005

Thanks for the advice.
Looks like WIDE2-2 and RELAY,WIDE2-2 for the boat and WIDE1-1 for the 
airplane. Speaking of airplanes, has anyone ever made a flying digi?
I would be willing to fly any experimental setup anyone can come up with. I 
*think* I can make my PK-12 relay anything from an alias, but so far every 
time I use it sans PC it goes for awhile and then locks up, never to work 
again until reset and reconfigured.
Joe Della Barba
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>>>> "Joe Della Barba" <joe at dellabarba.com> 2/21/05 1:07:27 PM >>>
>> I just reprogrammed the TT on my boat for
>> RELAY,WIDE3-3  <== That's 4 hops in a 2-2 area!
>> and RELAY,WIDE,WIDE2-2 <== That's 4 hops and worse
> Thos are pretty bad ppaths.  Not only are they 4 hops in the
> most oversaturated network in the USA, but they also use
> RELAY and WIDE which also then generate double or
> triple the number of dupes!  Thats about the worst path
> under the new paradigm..
> Best to set for WIDE2-2 most of the time and
> RELAY,WIDE2-2 for use only when you find it
> impossible to get out...
>>for aircraft duty. I was going to set the path to WIDE,
>>but all the airmobiles I have seen recently have been either
> Those people are clueless.  One hop is all that should
> EVER be transmitted from an airplane.  These days
> the recommendation would be WIDE1-1.
> de WB4APR, Bob

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