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[aprssig] Airmobile Digi Flight Announcements

Larry Cerney lcerney at viawest.net
Wed Feb 23 16:28:28 UTC 2005


It's been done and is done quite often.  We, EOSS,
http://www.eoss.org/flight/index.html , will be flying a KPC3+ as a
digipeater.  I have in the past flown a Paccom PicoPacket in digi mode.  

What you are considering is what we call EBBE.  Earth-Balloon-Balloon-Earth
contacts. Using just one digi on a single balloon the record for digi'ing
through the balloon bound digi is 647 miles set by NO6B<>N5QO through the
digi KD7LMO-11 on ANSR-15 out of Arizona in October of 2003. See
http://users.crosspaths.net/~wallio/RECORDS.htm for all the balloon records
we've been tracking.

Our flight this Saturday is a "Fun" flight for us.  No student clients.  We
will be testing out 5 APRS modules that are coming out of repair or
development.  The Digi will be on 144.34 MHz with our club callsign of
AE0SS-11 with the digi of EOSS to repeat.  You can follow the flight on
FindU as all the different frequencies should be Igated.

The launch is scheduled for 0900 Mountain time and if your within 400 miles
of Denver you will be able to receive, or maybe work through, the digi.  So
fire up the amps, tune up your beams and see if you can break the 647-mile
record.  There is the possibility of working through the balloon over 800
miles.  Radio horizon is 400 miles at 80,000 which should be about 80
minutes after launch with a 1000 foot a minute assent rate.

BTW, there are three other balloon groups with scheduled flights Saturday.
See http://users.crosspaths.net/wallio/ARHAB%20Launch%20Announcements.htm
for who's flying and from where.  

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the gift." 
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Some of out students do balloon based experiments.  With the recent 
PCSAT-ISS joint operations, I thought about balloon based digi 
experiments.  Just one digi, or even better, two balloons launched 
simultaneously couple hundred miles apart and digipeat through both of 

If it sounds sufficiently interesting, I may be able to get it on the 
schedule for fall.  Construction on the spring balloon experiments are 
already underway.  It looks like we'll have 4 launches in the late 
March/early April time frame.


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