[aprssig] Need some help searching for a patent...

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Feb 23 16:12:51 CST 2005

> Or the current TinyTrak 3.x which can also bridge-and-monitor, rather
> than go in series with, the PTT line....

Speaking of which, who here is using such a configuration?  I don't recall
seeing anything in the manual about proper wiring.  Does anyone offer
pre-made wiring harnesses?

My main concern lately has been getting the OpenTracker working with
Motorola GP68 handhelds.  The challenge here is the non-standard connectors,
and its PTT keying sensitivity isn't the same as most amateur HTs.  Once I'm
done with that, I'll roll the code into the standard firmware release.
There's some support there now, but it's not extensively tested.

Also, unless you're inline with the mic or have a separate PTT input
indicator, you can't detect release of PTT until it's already happened, and
there's a slight pause before it's re-asserted.  I haven't noticed any
glitches yet with the GP68 handhelds or TK-790 mobiles.  Do other radios
have a problem with this?


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